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Western Electric #51C Dial Desk Stand

#51C Dial Desk Stand Closeup of Type 3 #2AB Dial

c. mid 20's - From Detroit Police Dept.; Precinct 4 "as removed from service" condition. Type 3 #2AB dial with patent dates on side.

Western Electric #151AL Dial Desk Stand

#151AL Dial Desk Stand Top View of Dial Type 4 #2AB Dial Closeup of Dial Case

c. early 30's - The 151 series were updated 50AL's and 51AL's with the original perch markings stamped over. These changes were to accommodate anti-sidetone. Type 4 (last style) #2AB dial with patent dates on back of case. Notice progression in governor case with an adjustment notch in one adjustment slot. Bulldog transmitter; 706A receiver.

Western Electric #152AB Dial Desk Stand

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Close up Right Side

Close-up Left Side

c. early 30's - The 152AB was used primarily in places where the telephone answerer needed to keep hands-free to take notes, write orders, stamp tickets and the like. One of the most common places was in a newspaper's newsroom or railroad terminals and stations. Amazingly, I have a friend who observed this model still in use at a New England railway location as late as the early 70s.

Notice the number card holder specifically designed to fit "bulldog" type transmitters. Although displayed here on a dial stick, use of this rare style number card holder would have likely been limited to obsolete manual (without dials) candlesticks or wall phones that were updated with bulldog transmitters in order to delay their demise. Also has a base ring advertisement.

Western Electric A1 Desk Phone

A1 Desk Phone View of A1 Desk Stand Close-up of A1 Desk Phone Close-up of Rare #2GB Dial Early E1 Handset Closeup of 395 Transmitter Closeup of 557 Receiver

c. 1925 - The A1 or AA1 was Western Electric's first cradle style desk phone with a very limited production. It is sort of a cross between the earlier dial candlestick type and the up and coming style having a cradle with handset. This one is equipped with a #2GB dial, a Personal Preference, although its actual use on the A1 is the subject of much debate. (See back of dial on Page 6: #2EA dial). The #2G dial was a factory updated #2A dial with the "W" or fifth terminal added. Shortly thereafter, the #2H dial was produced. Note: The early E1 handset marked D80370; 395 transmitter and 557 receiver which is correct for this model.

Pair of Western Electric B1 Desk Phones

B1 Desk Phones #132E Party Line Dial Face #132B Dial Face To view detail, click picture

c. 1927-1930 - All parts on both are dated 1930 including mount, transmitter, element, receiver element, dial and dial face. Phone on left equipped with a #132E Party Line dial face. 

 B-1's had two distinctly different style of "strain relief" for cord attachment.  Earlier (shown on left) had no date inside of mount having a large rectangular plate like cord attachment and later (on right) with date designation has modified plate with two ears for strain relief.